​Teens read The Constellation of Sylvie

Teens read

Teens read

"I loved The Great Good Thing! It's a marvelous book that does all the horizontal and vertical things a great story can do.... I felt the constant layered mystery in every sentence."
— Andrei Codrescu



A Great Good Thing poster.

"I just have to tell you this. I have just finished The Red Thread. It is the best, most exciting, and thrilling book I have read in a real long time."

— M.G., Florida


"I just finished your book, Sky. It felt like life really does— complicated and sad and funny and too short! I almost cried at the end."

— J.D., "aspiring writer"


"I am an elementary school teacher of 17 years. I have been reading The Great Good Thing to my classes for quite a few years now, as well as introducing it to everyone I know...Thank you for writing such a wonderful story."

— D.R., teacher


Sylvie, by G.T.

"I just wanted to say that the book, The Great Good Thing, changed my life completely. When I first read it (several years ago), I used to pretend I was Sylvie, as I'm sure many girls did...Now, as I get older, I still reach to my bookshelf every so often to read it again."

— A.B.


"I was instantly drawn in to The Great Good Thing. Never before had I read a book with such a unique view of storytelling. I have to say, I have NEVER contacted an author to tell them how much I loved their work, but I felt compelled to do just that!...Imagine my excitement to find out that The Great Good Thing is the beginning of a trilogy!"

— T.C., mother of two, New Brunswick, Canada


"My teacher just finished reading us the best book! It was called The Great Good Thing. It changed my whole idea about reading, dreaming, and remembering... I used to leave my books closed when I slept. Now I keep them open when I'm at a good part. It worked once. I dreamed I was in the book I was reading. It was amazing!"

—J.K., Washington


"As a librarian, I read about two books a day, and The Great Good Thing is the only book I have read that actually made me cry."

—K.Y., middle school librarian, Ohio


"I think this book is really good. I learned that you have to take your chances, because it's important that you live your life the way you want it."


—Signed, "An 11-year-old reader"


"I like how there is a little world inside the book and how Sylvie can go backstage in other people's minds."

—L.T., Illinois


"Your book has changed my life. Now I never put my finger on the page because I am scared that I will squish someone."

—Jill, Washington


Sylvie's Book, by Max

"Probably my favorite character would be the invisible fish, how you can roll it up, or climb inside it. I think that's really neat."

—K.S., Washington


"I really liked when Sylvie and her parents cross the Mere of Remind inside the invisible fish. What gave you the inspiration to write a book about characters who can't 'act' until the book is open?"

—C.P., Utah

"Into the Labyrinth is now my favorite book. I have a question about the paragon. Do you know exactly what a paragon looks like? Would you please draw a picture of it for me?"

—K.M., Illinois

"Sylvie is filled with courage and kindness. Even though she is a fictional character, I wish I could be more like her. Your stories make me think that there could be another world of people inside the world we live in."

—K.L., Maine

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