The Blue Shoe


An off-center fairy tale illustrated by the Harry Potter artist!

Hap sat in a jail cell, wondering how it had all gone so wrong. The blue shoe was ruined, the girl was missing, and he'd been branded a thief—again! He would be banished to the far side of Mount Xexnax in the morning.

The Blue Shoe is an off-center fairy tale that deals with issues of greed, prejudice, and the cost of loyalty—with a light touch. The Harry Potter artist, wonderful Mary GrandPré, illustrated the book. And the first edition is printed in blue ink!

  • Kansas Notable Book Award
  • New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award nomination
  • Maine Student Book Award nomination


"In a story that begins like a fairy tale but ends with explosions, gunfire, and villains dissolving into green goo, readers will plumb the depths of both a mighty mountain and the human heart….Themes of racial prejudice, slavery, revolution, and environmentalism swirl through this sometimes dark but ultimately cheerful adventure."—KIRKUS 

"The good-versus-evil plotline, dynamic cast of characters (including a one-eyed beggar girl and a blue troll who hates humans), light romance between Hap and Sophia, and copious amounts of magic and intrigue will be a hit with a wide range of readers, both male and female."—BOOKLIST

"Brimming with adventure, mystery and magic, this absorbing fable of greed, prejudice, determination and honor will have readers flying through every page."—ORLAND PRESS REGISTER

"Hap is a likable hero and his friend, Sophia, is full of spunk, and they were a delight to read about....This is one I could see being read aloud to all ages—it has the feel of an old-fashioned tale that has been passed down and re-told and needs to be shared. The Blue Shoe will appeal to both readers of fantasy and those who enjoy action-packed adventures."—TEENS READ TOO